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  • Episode 5

    By lyankovskaya | December 8, 2009

    The Juventas Podcast is back!  In Episode 5,  you will hear a recording of last spring’s production of Matthew Vest’s opera The Hourglass. In addition, I will introduce you to Lorelei Ensemble, a group of women’s voices dedicated to promoting little-known repertoire of yesterday and today.  Juventas will be collaborating with Lorelei in an upcoming concert series entitled One Light: New Holiday Music with Women’s Choir.

    Lidiya Yankovskaya, Associate Conductor

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    Juventas New Music Ensemble announces a Call for Chamber Operas

    By Erin Huelskamp | October 31, 2009

    Juventas New Music Ensemble announces the Call for Chamber Operas. One opera will be selected from this call for performance in the Juventas Opera Project 2010 the Cambridge YMCA Theater on Thursday, May 20 through Saturday, May 22 at 8 PM and Sunday, May 23 at 3 PM.

    Juventas is seeking Chamber Operas 45 minutes in length or longer scored for vocalists and up to 13 instrumentalists. Additionally, all composers must be age 35 or under as of Janurary 1st of the present year to be eligible for consideration.

    Act fast! The application deadline is November 14, 2009.

    Details and application instructions are available at http://www.juventasmusic.com/submissions.php. Any additional questions or comments can be directed to info@juventasmusic.com.

    Here are a couple images from the Juventas Opera Project 2009:

    The Hourglass from Juventas Opera Project 2009
    The Year of the Serpent from Juventas Opera Project 2009

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    Murmurs from Limbo Article

    By Erin Huelskamp | October 12, 2009

    Boston Theatre Review wrote an article on our recent concert series titled Murmurs from Limbo.  Check it out here.

    For those of you who missed it, here’s a little details about what we performed:

    Juventas New Music Ensemble opens its 2009-2010 concert season with “Murmurs from Limbo: A Musical Exploration into the Human Mind.” The production showcases chamber music by six up-and-coming composers, including the world premiere of Erich Stem’s Revisited. Each piece offers a lens into the imagination of a different composer as he engages with ideas about the human mind.


    Tim STULLMAN: Deaf Ears Hear No Crying (2007)

    Erich STEM: Revisited (2008)

    Michael BOYD: Bit of Nostalgis (2006)

    Øystein BAADSVIK: Fnugg (2002)

    Ethan GREENE: The Mind is Like a Monkey, Swinging From Branch to Branch Through the Forest (2007)

    Steven RICE: Murmurs from Limbo (2004)

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    Episode 4: Fierce

    By Tiven Weinstock | September 11, 2008

    This podcast features a variety of music including a preview of the upcoming Fierce concert series, September 12-14th in Boston.  Composers featured in this episode are Isaac Schankler, Quentin Kim, Dante De Silva, Joni Greene, and Yoomi Paick.  Enjoy!

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    Episode 3: Peter McMurray’s new opera

    By Tiven Weinstock | June 23, 2008

    This episode features Peter McMurray’s A Rooster for Asclepius which was premiered in March as part of the Juventas Chamber Opera Project. The opera recounts the last days of the Greek philosopher Socrates. For a synopsis and composer notes, please see the program.   Stay tuned for the other two operas in the coming months.

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    Just numbers

    By Andy H-D | May 28, 2008

    (Preamble: I am not on the board of Juventas, nor do I hold an administrative duty or position more official than blogger. Who plays guitar sometimes too.)For three seasons, Juventas has existed playing almost entirely the music of young composers. This is highly unusual for a new music ensemble and it is part of everything we do, from the mission statement to the name itself. However, our most recent call for scores sparked a lively debate on the Society of Composers listserve around whether or not this fundamental principle of our is ageism. By its strictest definition, it is. However the real question is whether this, and more generally age restrictions in general, are artistically beneficial. Read the rest of this entry »

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    A man of wealth and taste

    By Andy H-D | April 29, 2008

    It behooves me to introduce myself to the audience of this fine podcast before I start my incoherent ramblings. My name is Andy Hanson-Dvoracek, guitarist, amateur musicologist, and now mercenary new-music bloginista. Those of you who attended the Winter (whatever it was) concert series last December might recognize me as the guitar player desperately struggling with Tony Lanman’s righteous Sonata 46. More likely you’ve seen my haunting presence in the comments sections of various other new music blogs or my own place, The Black Torrent Guard.As a musicologist, I exist in a weird place as far as this bleeding-edge classical stuff goes. There aren’t many of us, first of all. Those few brave souls who do try to deal with this noise that has been happening for the past forty or so years have abandoned much hope of making any sense of it. Lacking any of my own, that it what I aim to do as well as further elucidate just what we of the Juventas! brood are trying to do by celebrating this fantastic music. I certainly hope it is as enjoyable for you as it is infuriating for me.

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    Composers: Get your music heard!

    By Tiven Weinstock | April 18, 2008

    The Juventas podcast is now accepting submissions.  Come share your work with your peers, and the world, on the only monthly podcast exclusively featuring music by composers 35 and under.  If you want to have your recordings considered for inclusion, download this application form and email us your mp3s.  

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    Episode 2

    By Tiven Weinstock | April 15, 2008

    This episode features music by Stephen Yip, Anthony Joseph Lanman, Paul Dooley, and Julia Scott Carey, and an interview with Dooley and newly appointed Juventas music director Michael Sakir.  Performers include the USC Thornton Symphony, Alexa Schmitz, Brandon Brooks, Heather Ash, and other members of the Juventas ensemble. 

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    2008-09 BSO Schedule Arrives

    By Tiven Weinstock | April 8, 2008

    The 2008-09 Boston Symphony Orchestra schedule arrived in my mail box today, and I’m excited.  First, let me just praise James Levine for his continued bravery in programming modern music.  I have been attending the BSO more regularly this season, and it has been a treat to hear the masterpieces of the 20th century and world premiers of the 21st by this dynamic ensemble.  On next season’s schedule I counted 27 such works.  Highlights include Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring and Petrushka (1911 version), Mahler’s Symphonies Nos. 4 and 6, Ives’ Symphony No. 4, and Orff’s Carmina Burana.  Four world premieres will also take place: Andre Previn’s Owls, which he will conduct himself, Leon Kirchner’s The Forbidden, Elliot Carter’s Interventions for piano and orchestra, and Gunther Schuller’s Where the World Ends.  Oh, and for those who like old music, there’s also a whole lot of Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms. 

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